LinkedIn Optimization


Keyword optimization of your LinkedIn page so that it helps you get the job that you want.

Job Boards


The final draft of your resume will be posted to the top job boards in your industry (10-20 boards depending on your sector), putting you in front of all major employers.

Initial Cover Letter


A cover letter written specifically for the job you want, continuing to extend your personal brand.

Additional Cover Letters


Additional cover letters written to address any situation not covered by the initial cover letter.

Thank You Letters


A thank you letter designed to keep you in the loop by extending the narrative we have created together.

Reference Page


A separate page of personal references in the style and format of your other documents.

Interview Preparation


30-minute skype session with mock-interviews to prepare for upcoming interviews. You will be able to walk into your interview more confident.

Rush Service


24 Hour Turnaround

Resume Web Sites


Please select

1. New resume posted to existing site
2. Expanded resume posted to existing site
3. New web site created for new resume
4. New web site created for expanded resume




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