Returning Retirees: Advice for Seniors Rejoining the Workforce – by Sharon Wagner

Retirement is often viewed as the time when a person can relax, do nothing, and simply enjoy life. Unfortunately, the reality is quite different for some individuals over the age of 65. Instead of having a carefree retirement, some people experience loneliness, boredom, and a lower quality of life. These factors encourage many seniors to rejoin the workforce despite their age. If you’re considering this transition, rest assured that there are many opportunities available for seniors. Here’s a list of some roles seniors can assume without sacrificing their retirement altogether.
For many seniors, finding work in retirement is partially motivated by financial struggles and a general feeling of boredom. Luckily, working in the insurance industry can solve both of those problems. You’ll be compensated nicely while also getting access to world-class health insurance. Before you pursue a job in the insurance sector, be sure to research which companies are the best to work for. In addition to checking on the company’s official page, head over to Glassdoor for first-hand accounts from prior and current employees. This informative portal gives you the lowdown on all kinds of different insurance companies. You can even find out what the average pay is for your intended position.
Every senior has a unique set of skills and professional experience that translates into hefty paychecks when working with the right companies. Businesses in every sector seek out accomplished individuals in their particular field for expert advice on the inner workings of their operation. As a consultant, you can work entirely from your phone and offer your professional advice for a fee. Before you make the jump into consulting, however, you need to ensure your phone is reliable. It doesn’t need to have all the bells and whistles, but long battery life, a fast operating system, and a clear screen are all must-haves. Even though the iPhone 11 is receiving a lot of hype, the Google Pixel 3 XL is a more affordable option for Android lovers. Also, look for deals that allow you to trade in your older phone for cash toward a new one.
Working as a freelancer is a great option for seniors who want to continue working part-time past retirement age. Instead of entering into another position full-time, retired technicians, engineers, marketers, and other professionals can gradually take on contract work to fulfill their needs. There are millions of open positions for freelancers who don’t want to mess with the hassle of being hired as an official employee. Hop online and head to to see what kind of options are available in your area of expertise. When working as a freelancer, you’ll benefit from short payment terms and never stressing about late payments again.
If you’ve practically memorized the system of roads and highways connecting your city, then you’re a valuable asset to many companies that need professional and experienced drivers. You have the option to work as an official employee with hotels, limousine services, schools, and even retirement homes or as a freelancer with companies such as Amazon, Lyft, and Uber. The pay might be a little higher working as an employee, but you’ll have the freedom to set your hours as a freelancer. Remember to update your car insurance beforehand.
Retirement doesn’t have to be a limited choice between working too much and having nothing to do. There’s a balance to be found where seniors can enjoy retirement while still working in a fulfilling position. What’s more, these positions can offer older individuals with the right combination of professional and retired life.
By Sharon Wagner
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