How Do You Get the Job You Want?

Many people who come to me to help them with their resumes, cover letters, and other employment documents are frustrated by not having gotten a good response to the jobs they want the most. They are good people who work hard, put in their dues, and “deserve” the job, so why are they consistently frustrated?

Let’s say that you are hiring an employee and you have two candidates. Both have similar credentials and experience, but one has researched your company and taken the initiative to offer some observations. Most likely you will hire the applicant who has taken the initiative.

Now instead of 2, you have 250 applicants. Your choice becomes clearer–the applicant who has taken the initiative.

How do you become the applicant who takes the most initiative?

In order to rise to the top, your credentials need to be presented in a clear and professional manner. Hiring a professional resume writer can be one of the best investments you can make. If you spend $50 or $100 on a resume to save some money, how much have you really saved if you don’t get the interview? Give yourself the advantage of the best professional package of materials. Choose the resume writer who can make you the top candidate.

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