Resume Writing Services – Return to Yardley, PA, Bucks County

Having grown up in Yardley, PA, I know the Yardley, Morrisville, Newtown, Langhorne, Princeton area like the back of my hand.  Bringing my top quality resume writing service, “The Professor of Resumes,” to the place I know the best only makes sense.

Aside from the high quality of our keyword-optimized resumes, familiarity with the community puts The Professor of Resumes over the top.  We bring an intense understanding of the people of Bucks County to our work.  Many of you commute to New York or Philadelphia, and so the industries in those cities are high on the list of industries and sectors that we serve.  Education, Finance, Marketing and Branding, Architecture, Art, Healthcare, Biomedical, Pharma, Engineering, IT, Hospitality, Legal, and more the sectors in which we excel.

As a tenured university professor with three books in publication, I give my assurance that every resume, cover letter, or other product that we create for you come across my desk personally.  We guarantee that you will be completely satisfied.

Let us help you to take that next important step in your career.  Whether you are moving up to the next level or transitioning to another position or sector, we have the expertise to help get you where you want to go.