How To Prepare for “The New Normal”

We all keep hearing the phrase “the new normal,” but the truth is, nobody knows what this new normal is going to look like. The world is not going to go back to the way things were before COVID-19. Almost all industries that existed before the pandemic will exist afterward, but many will take on different forms. Industries like higher education, retail sales, travel, hospitality, bars and restaurants, commercial real estate, even hair grooming will operate on a different model than they did before. And this is only the tip of the iceberg.

While many of us who have been furloughed will return to our jobs, a great many will not – those jobs will require different skillsets. Many of the skills that each of us has can be reframed in terms of the needs of today’s world and even tomorrows, but this requires careful thought and analysis.

Writing your own resume was hard enough before COVID-19. Most people are either uncomfortable about coming off too proud of their accomplishments, don’t realize their own professional achievements, or have trouble focusing on the skills required for the job they want. This last group of people fills their self-written resumes with lots of useless information.

Then there are the ATS bots to consider. Most people know that these computer programs scan most resumes submitted electronically for keywords, but don’t know what those keywords are or how to incorporate them. These computer bots can also have difficulty reading certain formats. If the ATS kicks out your resume, you could be discarded before any human being ever sees your resume.

And now we have to anticipate the future as well! Nobody has a crystal ball, but frequently a professional with some objectivity can see your situation much clearer than you could alone.

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